Buy Serein Women’s Longline Georgette Shrug India 2021

Care Instructions: Machine wash
Fit Type: Loose Fit
Color Name: Pink
100% Polyester
Machine wash


Serein Women’s Longline Georgette Shrug

Opt for casual simplicity with this longline shrug from Serein. Made from georgette fabric, it will provide you with immense comfort throughout the day. Featuring a full sleeves and floral print, this shrug boasts of enticing gracefulness.

Serein Longline Georgette is a beautiful longline top that is suitable for all-day wear, work or during the day. The longline top features a single layer of soft cotton delivering comfort and a flattering fit. Made in Italy by our friends at Local And International Artisans, this top comes with a cool graphic print that complements all your outfits and accessories.

Serein’s longline shrugs are designed with functionality in mind. This style of longline has the volume and fabric to make any look flattering and create a wide range of look-at-me options. Like all Serein styles, this one has a scoop neckline for wear with any outfit and a generous scoop that allows you to frame your face without straining your neckline too much. Make sure you check out all the colour ways available – you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Serein has always been the pioneer of high-fashion, and this trend continues with the latest addition to the company. This galie comes equipped with a longline style with long sleeves and long topstitches, a feminine fit and slight flare to the midsection. The embroidery also has extreme edge to it making it stand out from the rest of the line.

Serein has long been the casual staple for women. Their collection of classic yet attractive clothing and accessories are timeless and beautifully designed. Here, we’re taking a look at the most stunning pieces from Serein’s ever-expanding line that are sure to become favorites for ladies of all ages. These amazing sunglasses are a must-have for any woman’s style wardrobe!

Serein Women’s Longline Georgette Shrug is one of the best tennis clothing products on the market. With so many pairs of shoes available on the market, finding the right pair is often a challenge. It can be hard to sift through all the information and decide which pairs should be purchased. Luckily, Serein has made stepping into their shoes easier than ever. That’s because they have put their extensive experience into this shoe, which helps women find the perfect tennis shoe in seconds.

Serein Women’s Longline Georgette Shrug is a gorgeous shoe that is so comfortable and flattering on women of all shapes and sizes. It is a classic piece for any fashionista’s wardrobe and will not be out of place at any event!

Serein Women’s Longline Georgette Shrug has long been one of The Shops in Tbilisi. This classic French style long sleeve top is a perfect gathering piece when you want to stay conscious about your appearance. It is a must sport for all women!

The Serein women’s longline cashmere shrug is a soft placket blouse made from soft fine wool. Many brands offer versions of this style but none quite like the original. Made in Italy, this beautiful piece comes in a variety of colors and subtle patterns for your choice. For those looking for a more relaxed, laid-back look the longline has an extra-large hook-and-eye closure and multiple pockets for your essentials or your phone

Serein longline shrugs are cut in a relaxed fit that hugs all your shoulders. Made of soft fleece and topped with a ribbon cowl, this relaxed style is the perfect addition to any wardrobe. Make sure you check out our size recommendations to find your perfect longline pair.


Serein, the luxury sunglasses brand that focuses on supporting women and girls, has introduced a long-line Georgette shade of neutral shade of sunglasses called Longline Georgette. These are the sunglasses for women who love to enjoy their day or business without sweat and worry about finding a size that matches.

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