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Care Instructions: Machine Wash
Fit Type: Slim Fit
Pattern : Plain Solid



Morlaix Women’s Solid Cut Western Top

Shop from a wide range of Top from Morlaix. Perfect for your everyday use, you could pair it with a stylish pair of Jeans or Trousers complete the look.

Morlaix maintains a strong sense of creative individuality among their more than 63 million subscribers. While each specific product is unique, Morlaix’s goal is never to create a generic product. This was shaped by the young entrepreneurs who founded the company and is a daily practice in everything they do. Let’s take a look at the Morlaix Women’s Solid Puff Sleeve Laser Cut Western Top and see why it is one of the hottest additions to its Fall 2015 line-up.

Morlaix Women’s Solid Puff Sleeve Laser Cut Western Top  is a new design from Morlaix that makes a statement in the women’s shoe category. This basic rope-print top features lightweight comfort rubber toe cap and tongue and an anatomic design that mimics the wingtip silhouette.

Stacking the sock insoles provides a secure fit for all day wear. This style showcases the signature Morlaix technology with vibrant heel and eye-catching midfoot shape. Combinations of colors, prints, small print sole insoles add unique character to

Morlaix Women’s Solid Puff Sleeve Laser Cut Western Top  – This is a must have item for a sophisticated woman that appreciates the work that goes into her outfits. Made from quality premium polyester with a flattering fit and shoulder to shoulder crew-neck construction, this design is flatters all shapes and sizes.

Made in Italy, this women’s tank top has the look of an everyday button down with the softness and quality of a sophisticated design. It has a big pocket at chest level with a draw string closure; perfect for holding pens or mobile devices while getting dressed under

“”I loved the design, the colour, the fit””… those were the initial thoughts after I laid eyes on Morlaix’s Women’s Solid Puff Sleeve Laser Cut Western Tee. The sleeved Western top is cut from a solid block of cotton material, so it’s comfy and lightweight — perfect if you’re spending the day on your feet or just chilling out with some tunes on the deck!

If you’re looking for a unique, cutting edge looking series to add to your wardrobe then try Morlaix’s Women’s Solid Puff Sleeve 100% cotton laser cut western top.

This striped Western top has a super soft pique print base with a contemporary twist, plus it has a button down front that keeps the feel of a classic while also modern appeal. The sleeves are cut in a classic rectangle with some room for your arm to breath and move around, making for a really comfortable fit that dries quickly when you wear it.

Morlaix Women’s Solid Puff Sleeve is a classic Western shirt cut with a classic Western embroidered on the chest and shoulders. Using a premium quality wool fabric gives you the quality you expect from Morlaix’s high-end products and this one is no exception.

The grey color is clean and contemporary meaning you can flaunt your independance when the time calls for it. Get yours before it’s too late!

The Morlaix Women’s Solid Puff Sleeve isn’t just a new shirt style, it’s also a lifestyle. It’s a great way to layer with our lush UltraCress Sleeves and we think it adds the perfect amount of softness and detail to your look. The polo style design adds comfort and versatility to your wardrobe.

If you’ve been looking for a great wireless radio you can wear with most everything or just keep it on your car dash, it’s pretty cool that Morlaix has their own line of products.

Morlaix Women’s Solid Puff Sleeve is a lineup of the newest and most fashionable women’s hairstyles, all done up in a super comfy sleeveless Western top designed in a cool, contemporary style.

The sleeve features a puff pleat that allows you to tuck in the sleeves and reveals your bra’s shape. Now, whether you are into princess cut, tank Western top or simple styles, Morlaix has it covered for you.

Its designs are always a hit with young people and goth teens alike. The jackets are cut in a way that they do not get baggy even after being worn for many weeks. The sleeves come in different lengths and can be altered to change colors or patterns. If you really want to gain some weight then visite Morlaix and get your last order in before Fat Tuesday.

Morlaix Women’s Solid Puff Sleeve is a highly functional piece for any wardrobe. This amazing design on the sleeves breathe life into your look and even allows you to flaunt your physique!

The classic look is just awesome and while it may seem over the Western top at first glance, it’s super flattering. The puff texture is versatile enough for any occasion while the vertical stitching lines will never let you down like regular stitch detailing.

The Morlaix Women’s Solid Puff Sleeve (WSJT) is the newest denim from Morlaix. The classic 2-way fit makes for this soft, comfortable version of the classic hose. Classic styling and incredible quality create a garment that will stay pressed against you throughout the day, even if you sweat profusely. The fabric has been drawn from sustainable agriculture in Portugal and Japan.

Choose from multiple color ways including navy, black, red doo and snowflakes to mix and match with your existing denim collection or create your own unique look with bold prints like skull and crossbones or lively stripes and dots. The mid-rise design gives extra room in the bust and behind the shoulder while also sitting low-cut enough to ignore while keeping your shape.

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