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Fit Type: Slim Fit
Sleeve: Full Sleeve



Shop from a wide range of Top from ILLI LONDON. Perfect for your everyday use, you could pair it with a stylish pair of Jeans or Trousers complete the look.

Women’s top is the main product in the illi London fashion brand which is aimed exclusively at female fashion lovers. The collection sees the illi London designers showing off their unique take on fashion

The Illi London Top is the latest addition to our growing range of flattering hoops, designed to be worn with or without a top. The top features a flattering fit, sleek design and a no-nonsense approach to finishing.

Each design is completed with our signature button-holes, which add an extra touch of style for any outfit. Based on our beloved Illi London line, this latest addition presents designs designed for both layering and un-layering depending on the occasion. Grab yours today.

This year’s illi London women’s top goes to the Illi London A-line. This stunning cocktail dress will make you look and feel like a star with its eye-catching and sophisticated design.

The illi London Top is the number one in the women’s underwear category in UK. They offer a collection of soft cotton underwear, swimwear and trunks designed for comfort under any occasion whether it be a week away at the beach or the biggest night out.

The Ili London Top is a classic shapewear range, combining a sophisticated aesthetic with sporty feel. It’s perfect for layering over styles like jumpsuits or outerwear, or combining with denim to create a bolder look.

We are proud to share with you that we have presented the ILLI London women’s top to iLLlustig magazine. With a formula that’s to our liking, this top features soft cotton fabric that makes for a comfortable and stylish piece.

This tops goes great with any outfit, particularly if you have been going for clean lines but want a little something extra for variety. Every piece of clothing should be matched to the next and we’d agree, it is that important!

The Ili London Women’s Top 100 is just one of many we have in our range which are designed to help you get the clothes you want and love at affordable prices. No matter what youre looking for we’ve got Women’s Top 100 jackets, jeans, shorts and more to fit your style and budget.

illi London women’s sunglasses are always a hot item. The style has been increasingly trending and the illuministocks a lot of attention with their stylish and très chic designs. What started as a small company with an eye for bold eyewear has since grown to be one of the leading retailers for designer sunglasses in the UK.

The women’s illi London short sleeve top is made from premium fabric and is the perfect slip on top for when you need extra fashion wear with your daily outfits. It has a loopback style that allows you to wear it untagged or tagged on one of your outfits.

The illi London women’s short sleeved tops are designed with comfort in mind in mind. The soft fitted design allows you to wear them in a variety of different situations, with or without a bra while keeping the look cute. In its classic form the illi London short sleeve tops are perfect for layering under a jacket or over a t-shirt to keep you warm and looking great.

The short sleeve design not only makes you look stylish but it also covers the midriff area perfectly making it the perfect top to wear with any type of outfit or flirty evening outfit. The front and the back of the top features embroidery designs which are modern and elegant. The sleeves have a subtle cross chest design which

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