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Care Instructions: Hand Wash Only
Fit Type: regular_fit
100% Polyester
Hand wash
Body Blouse
Three Quarter sleeve
Round neck
Color: Cream
Pattern: Printed
Category: tops



Harpa Women’s Top

A harpa women’s top is a great addition to your wardrobe if you are after some flattering and flattering coverage. These tops have plenty of room for layer upon layer of lingerie or even denim, depending on what size you want to purchase.

You can be as daring as you want with detailing on this style by adding embroidery or sewing in other personal touches to complete your modern day fashion statement.

Harpa Women’s Top is a women’s thong bathing suit that comes in various styles and materials. It is a thread-knit cotton top that has a vintage feel with soft textured cotton details.

This top sits comfortably over the hips and comes in a variety of colors to match any swimsuit and is both quick drying and breathable. The detailed pleating on the chest helps avoid chafing while the adjustable straps ensure a comfortable fit as well.

The harpa women’s exclusive women’s briefcases feature a luxurious black leather upper wrapped around a textured nylon base. Each design is carefully selected by harpa women using quality materials and traditional embroidery methods. These bags are perfect for women looking for formal accessories or everyday essentials.

Harpa Women’s Top is the perfect summer top for those looking to stay comfortable and warm in the summer. It’s supportive with a fitted neckline that covers your shoulders while the spaghetti strap hem gives extra movement for various activities. The rib-knit fabric is lightweight and allows for air flow to cool you down on hot days.

Harpa is a top women’s cycling apparel brand that for more than 20 years has advanced the concept of high performance cycling apparel with its unique cycling-inspired technical apparel. With the line of harpa women’s cycling top providing a supportive fit and long lasting performance, harpa women’s cycling top kit is the best way to get fit day after day.

Harpa is one of the few clothing brands that has successfully made a bold statement by enabling its women’s tops be worn by everyone. They are available in a variety of spicy and bold prints and they’re flattering on every kind of body type.

The Harpa Women’s Top takes the feminine aesthetic of French design and blends it with the ultimate running shirt. It’s compliant, durable, and perfect for a day in the yard or on the trails. Made in Canada, the top utilizes our signature DWR technology for a lightweight, breathable feel while maintaining ultra-cushioning for extended wear.

The Harpa Women’s Top Signature II Heavyweight Hoody features a fitted neck and long sleeve, overlapping long-stripe style yoke with a sturdily constructed embroidered placard live at the heart of technical generations. It is topped off with Storm-Seeker technology, waterproof and windproof technology denoting the utmost comfort and performance on the most demanding terrains in the world.

Harpa is a women’s clothing brand which has gained popularity for their style and appealing designs. They have a wide range of tops that are lightweight yet flattering. The H and H series are clearly defined for women who have above-average bust sizes and are looking for a great top. The idea of the H series is to give women the freedom to be comfortable while rocking some serious style.

The Harpa women’s sleeker tennis shorts are designed for comfort, airflow and versatility. The athletic cut is perfect for practicing on grass or hard courts, while the stretch cotton fabric protects from the sun for an easy day at the beach. Pick up a pair to join one of today’s elite players.

Harpa Women’s Top was released by harpa wear in 2012. In a year when the fashion industry continues to be dominated by provocative clothes and exaggerated bodies, harpa wear has taken a bold step forward by exclusively creating underwear for women’s tightest fitting sizes. The harpa wear women’s top consists of two pieces: the spaghetti strap top and the matching spaghetti strap bottom.

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