Buy HARPA Women’s Plain Regular fit Top India 2021

Care Instructions: Machine Wash
Fit Type: Regular Fit
Brand : Harpa


HARPA Women’s Plain Regular fit Top

Dusty pink solid crop top with laser-cut detailing, has a round neck, short sleeves, button closure

The HARPA Women’s Plain Regular Fit Top is the perfect basic piece for everyday wear. Made from soft jersey cotton, this top has a smooth black body with a white winter tee underneath for visibility in low light settings. It has adjustable straps so you can reach down to your knees or heaven for that matter.

HARPA Women’s Supple Naughty is a simple t-shirt made by a US women’s apparel company. It has the classic of fit, good color combo, and the sober hand-drawn illustration of the Painted Ladies by Ritter Industries. Yes, it is extra modest on the waist, but this is my kind of modest. This favorite of mine is tight enough that no one will ever know it’s hard weight cotton until the waistband is pulled down past your belly button

When our customers ask where they can buy the new HARPA Women’s Plain Regular fit Top, we know they’re after a great fit that matches their style and mom jeans. A great fit is essential in creating a stylish look. Perfect for your everyday wardrobe when you want an easy go-to piece or for the day outfit when you’re trying something different. The pocketed design adds comfort and versatility in everyday wear along with our signature printed goodness.

The HARPA Women’s Plain Regular Fit Top is an excellent choice for those looking for a throwback to the older version of this style of top with padded straps running down the center front and long covered pockets in the sleeves. The cuffs are also padded on this style allowing for them to fit snug but comfortably around your waist. Some models feature piping on the sides and bottom to complete the colorful aesthetic.

The HARPA Women’s Plain Regular Fit Top has an easy fit, lightweight design that hugs your curves. Lightweight elastic band keeps it on during movement and adjustable straps give a realistic imprint of your bust size. It has two front pockets lined with soft fleece to stash coupons, paper clips or pens – all essentials for carrying around where ever you go in town.

The HARPA Women’s Plain Regular fit Top is a classic piece with a timeless style that’s great for any woman. This fitted, form-fitting long sleeve long seam tee has a slight taper from shoulder to hem allowing for maximum coverage in the neck and chest while still remaining comfortable all day long.

The HARPA Women’s Plain Regular fit Top is made from 100% top-quality women’s performance fabric and features a flattering, flat fit that reaches just above your breast for a tailored fit with no room for movement.

The HARPA women’s plain regular fit top is the new, modern day GO-TO for all things five-star. From style to function, this top is timeless and perfect for any occasion. Featuring a soft loopback placket that is accessible when wearing non-thick layers while maintaining your look sophisticated, this top is the perfect addition to any closet.

HARPA is best known for its award-winning design and manufacturing of women’s health apparel and accessories. We’ve been making products for over 20 years with the goal of ensuring that our customers can trust HARPA products to protect their health – and their lives – when they need it most.

HARPA Women’s Plain Regular Fit Top is a great basic top that gives you all of the features you need in a comfortable fit. The unique design gives you freedom to move with the airflow, it’s easy to wear over other tops, and the zip-up front makes it quick and easy to put on and take off when you get dressed


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