Buy Harpa Women’s Floral Regular Fit Top India 2021

Care Instructions: Hand Wash Only
Fit Type: Regular Fit
Color Name: Mustard
100% Polyester
Body Blouse
Short sleeve
Hand wash


Women’s Floral Regular Fit Top

Navy blue and white printed woven wrap top with tie-up, has a V-neck, short sleeves.

The harpa woman’s floral regular fit top is a super soft, lightweight tee perfect for layering under a resurgence or basic top. The harpa woman’s floral regular fit top has a seamless design with raglan sleeves that lay flat and are fully cuffed for an effortless look. It’s perfect for layering over any top and looks great as an everyday top or layer under any outfit.

The harpa women’s floral regular fit top is the perfect option for new beginnings and seasoned women looking for something fresh and comfortable. This bold fit flannel has a flattering fit throughout, with each interfacing contouring different areas of the body.

The sleeveless design is excellent for layering under other trends or if you want to keep things simple with just a tee underneath. This top has plenty of room to layer under other items, but still looks amazing on its own.

Simply put, the Harpa Women’s Floral is the best pants for getting through a workout. Yep, seriously, it’ll get the job done! The fabric is soft and flexible with nicely tailored main panels that hug your midsection. The drawstring waist adds belt binding and ensures comfort no matter how rigorous your workout is.

The slight split hemline gives you the perfect amount of exposure to show off your toned and fit frame. Choose a size up if you’re between sizes or need the fit plus extra protection versus ab workout pants (I really like this style).

Harpa’s Women’s Collection provides the perfect fit for all day wear with its periwinkle hue. With soft floral prints and tonal details, this top is perfect for layering under your shirt or with your favorite lightweight mermaid top for a fun and relaxed look.

Today we are excited to introduce a new Harpa blouse that will provide you with the fabrics of the season, in a gorgeous, textile-lined regular fit. The best part? This new style is manufactured in Germany by an esteemed clothing brand and comes in assorted colors to complement your wardrobe.

The Harpa Women’s Floral Regular Fit Top features lightweight comfort in a flattering fit that’s perfect for half-cavities and bunions. The adjustable cuffs and long-sleeved top make it easy to layer on layers to create a tailored look or a simple straight-leg fit.

Whether you choose to wear your bloomers or booties underneath, the slimming waistband keeps your midsection flatter all day long while the pencil skirt has a flattering flare to it for an edgy aesthetic shift.

The Harpa Women’s Floral Regular Fit Top was created to wear with any look. From simple outfits to killer button downs, you will never go out in public in this top and look good. Made with stretch cotton that conforms to your shape and never looks blousy, it ever so gentlymakes you look effortlessly gorgeous.

It’s not everyday that you find an elegant piece of outerwear that doesn’t sacrifice comfort for style. The Harpa Women’s Floral Regular Fit Top is one such piece. Made from soft cotton and placket, this piece will never take the place of your favorite leather helmet or parka, but it will fit seamlessly into your contemporary wardrobe.

Harpa women’s floral top is the most comfortable, stylish and beautiful tee I have ever owned. Although it is still a new style, I would recommend this top to everyone. It is one of my favorite tops because the front and back are so soft. The chambray style makes it easy to move around in and still feel comfortable and elegant.

Harpa’s new line of shirts are so beautifully crafted that they almost feel like fine jewelry. The array of colors and textures is incredible. There are floral prints, pastel shades, graphic tees, and everything in between. All of the patterns on the shirts are painstakingly designed with the customer in mind.

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