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Care Instructions: Machine wash
Color Name: Green
Material: Crepe with three quarter sleeve
There might be a slight color difference due to the photographic effect
Machine wash
Casual wear
Good for office wear
Country of Origin: India



ALC Creation Women’s A-Line Kurta

Every year, ALC Creation creates a new collection of clothing for women’s firm in order to provide its female customers with the newest and most fashionable items. This year, the brand has come out with “”Women’s A-Line Kurta”” which was released in June 2014.

This article features a collection of beautiful and trendy ALC Creation Women’s A-Line Kurta. This timeless piece, designed in women’s sizes 6M – 32LL, is perfect to layer under your favorite ALC garments.

The release explained that the brand had taken their extensive collection of A-lines and shrunk them down, creating a piece that was both fashionable and affordable.The A-line model emphasizes the flatter appeal of the shoe with an appealing lower profile against a background of subtle texture, embroidery, and design.

Alignment Creation Woman’s A-Line Kurta is a must-have for any woman looking for lightweight pieces that accentuate their feminine curves and shape. The addition of soft, breathable material combined with a flattering fit ensures you’re getting your money’s worth – all while looking like you’re in no pain.

AC Creation’s Women’s A-Line Kurta Natural Down dress is their take on the timeless A-line style. Made from soft premium fur trim, the A-Line Kurta’s design is feminine and comfortable, with a fitted, tailored body that hugs the body to ensure you get the flattering fit.

It comes in soft shearing and real suede colors that complement any decor; from simple black or white prints to bold floral patterns and bold embroidery. Featuring three concealed snap button closures and a hidden zip pocket at the chest for all your accessories, AC Creation’s Women’s A-Line Kurta is perfect for any woman’s wardrobe.

The Alc Creation Women’s A-Line Kurta is a traditional, long-sleeved black top with a slitted collar. It has a few interesting design features aside from being super comfortable. The first thing I noticed about this top is the embroidery on the sleeves and chest.

It’s adorable! They’re small but noticeable, really giving off a feminine aesthetic to the whole piece. If you’re planning on getting your hair done, or just want something comfortable to lay over your shower drain when it’s cold out, I’d definitely recommend getting this top to wear over simple outfits. It’s comfy, flattering, and subtle

Although ALC Creation brands are designed for women, all are equally flattering on men. Going with the darker color and more fitted style will mimic the tailored look of a suit jacket while still looking energizing and modern.

Let the natural feminine of your features shine through in the lightest of colors while you rock the classic A-Line Kurta and feel confident that you can recreate these timeless ALC creations throughout your wardrobe.

ALC Creation’s Women’s A-Line Kurta is a quality clothing and lounge bag that adds modern style to your closet with a striking design twist. With a distinctive graphic print and luxurious leather accents, this distinctive piece will make a bold statement in your guest room or living room.

Alc creation women’s A-Line Kurta offers a feminine style and comfort for everyday wear. Constructed of soft chiffon a-line gowns give you an enchanting, medium length gown that will make you look and feel delightful.

The feminine silhouette of these gowns will make you feel glamorous and more confident as you create a gorgeous look for any special occasion.

An Alc Creation Women’s A-Line Kurta features four-inch cropped biceps that reach to the floor, and hidden steel plates that frame the deltoids for a flattering look. Like all Alc Creation products, this has a premium feel with a protective polyester finish that provides protection against odor and fading over time.

This traditional A-Line kurta is printed with enchanting peacock and paisley floral designs. The yoke has a wide neckline that can be worn down or up to show off the multi-colored border at the center.

This kurta in black/red color is made of soft cotton fabric, fully lined, and blocks heat and moisture from reaching your skin during a day out. It comes complete with short sleeves, zip closure in front, and sits at waist length.

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