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How To Build A Professional Wardrobe 2021

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How To Build A Professional Wardrobe 2021

Professional wardrobes are worn to enhance the appearance of any outfit the professional wears. With the proper wardrobe, it is easy to put together an outfit that highlights your professional image in a manner that is appropriate for that workplace.

Wardrobe accessories are integral to any professional wardrobe because they add sparkle, fun, or glamour to any outfit. In addition to physical accessories that are worn on the outside of the clothing (such as ties or stocks), professional wardrobes also feature small accessories that enhance each piece of clothing worn

The suit is the basic to start with for your business attire. Decide what colors you want in your wardrobe before deciding on which pieces to include.

The basic colors should be black, brown, or navy blue. Although, you can wear other colors, use them separately and mix them to make that business attire look. So, to start with pick one color.

You will need a jacket, two skirts, and a pair of pants in your basic color and will work well together. When buying separates make sure shades of black. brown, or navy match.

When you are buying make sure you get the best quality you can afford, because you’ll be wearing these basics for a long time. Also, when buying pieces you will need to have a least one outfit that you can put together anytime. This outfit will make you feel confident and well-dressed.

Here Are The Professional Wardrobe Basics:

Jacket:- BUY NOW
Should be a mid-weight fabric and very plain. A simple single-breasted style with a plain collar is best. A jacket makes the look compete for your business attire. Women’s Jackets & Vests- Free Shipping for All Occasions

Two skirts:- BUY NOW
One long and one short. The lengths depend on your body type and lifestyle. If you have a lot of evening events, an ankle-length skirt will get plenty of use, but can still be worn to daytime events. If your wardrobe is mainly for work, you can choose one above-the-knee length and one just below. A skirt also makes the look complete for your business attire. Skirts – Free Shipping for All Occasions

Pants:- BUY NOW
Should feel comfortable on, yet have a tailored look. Choose a fabric that is easy to care for and holds its shape. Lined trousers will last longer. They should be in your basic color and the best quality you can afford. Pants also make the look complete for your business attire.

Blouse:- BUY NOW
You need a white cotton blouse or even two. You can wear it with your basic suit or with your jeans. After washing your blouse make sure you iron it, so it’s ready to go anytime. To keep your blouse bright white you can use Rit Color Remover every few months.

Silky Shirt:- BUY NOW
You will need one shirt that is a little dressier than your white one so that you’re prepared for more formal occasions. This shirt can be white or a brighter color that matches your basic suit.

Dress:- BUY NOW
You need one great dress that you can wear to a cocktail party or tone down for a business meeting. Make sure it is in your basic color so you can wear it with your basic jacket.

If you have armed you’re not ashamed of, this dress should be short-sleeved to carry you through every season. If you want to cover your arms, this dress should be a lightweight fabric for all seasons. It should have a simple A-line.

While you’re shopping look for this dress when you don’t need it. Sometimes when you’re in a rushed to find something you won’t take the time to make sure the dress meets all of your needs and you’ll be stuck with yet another one-occasion dress.

Sweater:- BUY NOW
Make sure you have one basic color in a turtleneck. You may also need a white one. You can wear this light sweater under your white shirt for a layered look, or you may wear it alone with your jacket and skirt.

Shoes:- BUY NOW
Buy black basic shoes if your basic color is black. If it’s navy buys navy. Buy one pair of flat shoes in your basic color and one pair of medium-heel. It can be one and a half inches pumps.

They should be sturdy and of the best quality you can afford. Buy a few pairs of hose and socks in your basic color. Bring your skirt to the store to match the color if you have to. You need at least one pair of opaque for the day and one pair of sheer hose for the evening.

Hosiery & Socks:- BUY NOW
A few pairs of both in a basic color. Buy navy, black, and taupe.

Winter Coat:- BUY NOW
You will need one good coat, preferably mid-calf length. You can buy it in your basic color or in a color that goes with the basics. Once you commit to another color, you must buy only accessories with that color and your basic color. You are now married to that color. When you buy a scarf, it has to be both red and brown to tie everything together.

Handbag:- BUY NOW
Buy one good handbag in your basic color. You can wear black with navy, but for now, try to stick with a one-color plan until you get really good at this. Buy a medium-size handbag. Don’t buy a way too big handbag it will weigh you and your outfit.

Belt:- BUY NOW
Buy two one with a gold buckle and one with a silver buckle, so they will go with either your gold or silver jewelry you are wearing that day. Also, buy a belt in a basic color such as black, brown, or navy.

Watch:- BUY NOW
They can be a nice accessory to add to your outfit. Buy a watch with a gold tone and one you can go from day tonight.

Start with putting all these pieces together for your business attire. You will have the clothes in your wardrobe that shows your style. You could get away with wearing your basics every day. Although, you would just be wearing a uniform.

The basics would be a black suit, white shirt, black pumps. It would be alright, but it’s really not style. So do you want to style? Well, what is it? You might see poor style for example someone wearing a baggy pink jacket with a wrinkled blouse, loose buttons, or a dress that is too tight on. Great style is simple.

Go into a high-end department store and look at the women who shop there. They look like they have it put together. Their suits are nicely pressed and their shoes are polished. These are real women who need clothes that work every day.

Style is not about showing how much money you have. Wealthy women dress simply during the day. It’s the details and the accessories like yours should be. Take your basics that you already have and add the pieces that will give you a variety of outfits that look great on you every day.

How you dress at work reflects who you are. If you are in an entry-level position. You need to transmit the image of someone far more accomplished than your job title implies, so this is why you should have nice-looking business attire. When you appear put together, detailed appearance, people believe that your work habits are organized.

Outfits for work are all about separates. This is what makes up your business attire. Each piece you buy must go well with all the items you have in your closet. You should be able to decide what you are going to wear that day in minutes. If you can’t decide haven’t done your homework correctly.

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