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New Fashion Designing Courses in India 2021

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Fashion Designing Courses in India

Among the biggest players of the fashion world, Paris, Milan, and New York, India has always been well known as a prominent exporter of fabrics.

With its hand-woven silk, kinds of cotton, a variety of various weaves, designs made of ancient printing techniques, and unique patterns of embroidered material, the country has always been a good provider of raw materials to the industry.

Fashion Designing Courses in India have always played their part in making this industry what it is today. From providing the most basic commodities for every concept of a design becoming real, the fabric is now prominently spreading its wings to grab the front roles.

India has arrived at the front scene of the fashion world in the real sense. Playing no more from the outfields, we are moving to lead; from being the providers of raw materials, we are now amazing the world with our world-class designs.

Designers like Sabyasachi, Rohit Bal, Abu Jani, Sandeep Khosla, Manish Malhotra are making their names known to the world and the Indian fashion industry is getting bigger and better.

From a time when following fashion trends was only considered as a degradation of Indian values, an attack on the culture and sophistication of our social values, we are now at a phase where the sales are booming and the buyer is not only the top-class.

At this time, fashion was considered an import of Western ideology and was meant for the top-notch, the higher class society.

Today, the two most fashionable Indian metropolis cities of India, Mumbai, and Delhi, host four fashion weeks every year. The middle class, which contributes roughly around 50% to the country’s population, is becoming increasingly fashion-conscious.

Fashion Designing Courses in India have no more remained confined to the elite part of the society, it is spreading to the larger population. This transit of the Indian fashion industry from just being for the high-rated few to its sprawl to the larger population has led to its growth in a real sense.

It was the time of the early 1980s when it was realized in the real sense that this industry is going to be big very soon. The demands were growing and a huge need was felt for the transit from the then-popular urban trends to world-class designs.

This was the time when the first fashion institute, that provided professional training to amateur fashion designers and polish, was established under the aegis of the union ministry of textiles. NIFT, the National Institute of Fashion Technology, and the year were 1986.

It can be said that the establishment of this single institute changed the perception of the industry about the importance of skilled and trained people for its growth. Requirements were studied and three programs were started that focused on the technicalities of the fashion industry. The courses were design, management, and technology-oriented.

fashion designing courses Indian fashion industry was earlier earning revenues through the export of the raw material but it lacked innovative and original designs. Thus, the three programs started by NIFT focused mainly on the basics, design, technology, and management.

There are numerous new courses offered now by this famed institution as well as by many newly emerged fashion institutes. The industry knows that it is growing and shall need a more skilled workforce to meet the growing demands.

The growing demand has allowed many new opportunities and so, the Indian youth is turning to this field for a prospective, well-earning, and hugely popular industry.

We present this site as a way to guide our prospective readers a glimpse of fashion education in India, the opportunities presented for growth, in terms of creativity and technology, and personal growth as world-class designers.

Through the various pages that we will add to this site, we will try to cover the most famed, most popular, most artistic, most academic, and the most reputed fashion institutes in India along with the courses offered. We will have a look at the criterion set for modulating a niche of the industry and making it an academic course.

We will eventually see the qualitative prospects of the courses that are currently offered, the best places to look for training in a certain niche, the glorious pasts of some renowned institutions and some of their famous alumni, whom the fashion industry adores.

The growing fashion industry is constantly in need of new, innovative designers. It should also be known that fashion is not only restricted to the garment industry but also footwear, accessories, and furniture.

We have named some famed Fashion Designing Courses in India at the beginning that contribute to the garment industry mostly, but throughout the site, we will see the other not very popular fashion niches in India and the growing demand.

As the site proceeds towards its goal of bringing to light some not-very-known Indian fashion designers, from all the fashion niches, garments, footwear, and accessories, we hope that we guide you through your way to being a part of this industry in a better way.

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