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Best Wedding Suits For Groom In India 2021

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Best Wedding Suits For Groom In India

When it comes to the Best Wedding Suits For Groom in India, we love to look good for our families, our friends, and the bride. We’ll never admit it, but unquestionably we put that “extra” effort to look as photogenic as we can. After all, wedding pictures are as permanent of a memory as it goes.

And wedding pictures are commonly displayed at work, at home, and even on Facebook. So it goes without saying, that men have to put their best foot forward. Truth be told, the wedding day is very important to men (even if we chose not to express so).

Surprisingly, there is very little advice on the Best Wedding Suits For Groom In India. The majority of advice and attention is centered on the bride and her lady entourage (rightfully so, we might add). Given the importance of this day, we’ll cover the essentials so that men do not have to worry about looking good. We are quite sure they have other things to worry about.

Wedding Suits for Men – The Guide for The Groom

Getting the Fit perfect

Getting the fit perfect is essential and quite frankly, there is no excuse to mess this up. We recommend getting a good measurement the first time around. This means inseams (length between the crotch of pants and bottom leg), jacket size, and waist size should be as accurate as possible. If you have a prominent feature, such as muscular arms or thin legs, make a note and tell the tailor.

It is highly recommended that the groom and his entourage try out their outfits a couple of weeks before the big day. During this trial session, they should test drive the jacket in particular. Move around it, dance around it, hug your buddies with it and jump around it.

The jacket not only has to give you a full range of motion, but it also has to be intact. If you feel like the jacket and pants could rip when you dance in it, express the concerns with the tailor. Make sure the shirt is also comfortable, use the finger test (one finger should fit between the collar of your shirt and your neck).

Other basic points: ensure that the cuffs sit well and won’t dangle and move around. If it’s a French cuff shirt, the cuffs should break about 1/2 inch further out from the wrist. For a button-cuff shirt, the cuffs should break close to the wrist.

Shoes should also be test-driven to ensure that you will be comfortable. If the wedding is in hot weather and there is a chance that your feet might expand, consider that. Try breaking in the shoe if you have the chance. Remember, you will have to dance admirably in these shoes.

Of all the parts of the Best Wedding Suits For Groom In India, pants are the most difficult to get right. Some people like a baggier look and some like a more slim look. The individual taste is up to the individual. Work with the tailor to address your specific needs. Regarding pants, pants should be 1/3 down the shoe but not much further. And unless your style says otherwise, the pants should clearly break over the instep.

When choosing the Best Wedding Suits For Groom In India, the groom should ensure that the color will go well with the bride’s dress and the flowers that the bride will be carrying. The color scheme for the couple is the first thing that people examine, any deviation will be looked down upon. Importantly, the groom cannot outshine the bride.

Special attentions have to be made to ensure that the groom doesn’t draw attention away from the bride. In the above picture, the pattern on the vest would be as far as elaborate designs go for this groom. If he goes overboard (i.e. more elaborate vest pattern or a red pocket square), he would risk being the center of attention.

In a traditional formal wedding, a good starting point will be a sharp, well-fitting tuxedo with a tie, vest, and formal shirt. You can finished the pants with satin trim and can be pleated or have a flat front. Accessories such as ties or vests can be combined with bridal dresses or wedding colors.

Lighter fabrics and lighter hues of color will match for the summer wedding ceremony. While for fall or winter, you may opt for a more heavy fabric with darker colors.


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